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Mackin Group is a global professional services company, headquartered in Cork, Ireland.
Founded in 2004 by CEO Andy Mackin, the original business has grown significantly over the years. His vision has always focused on the importance of relationship-building, and this has been embedded into everything that Mackin delivers. Today, the Group’s flagship companies Mackin EHS and Mackin Talent, have proudly achieved that ambition, with ‘relationships matter’ as their core value..

The Group has a wide span, both geographically and in terms of professional offerings and the brand is going from strength to strength each year: – Mackin EHS is a Health & Safety Consultancy and Training company; and Mackin Talent delivers Recruitment, Staffing & Talent Management services.

Mackin EHS and Mackin Talent (EMEA & APAC) supplies their services across Ireland, into the UK, at various locations in Europe; and as far as Singapore and Shanghai – with Mackin Talent (USA) featuring a very significant footprint across 7 states in the USA, with its main office for the region located in North Carolina.

Mackin Group has ambitious growth plans in place both for the long term and for shorter timelines. Part of our strategic planning includes growth through acquisition to expand the Group portfolio, as well as through achieving a deeper impact within current marketplaces and locations.

Mackin Group

Since the beginning, the core value running through all Mackin day-to-day business has been that ‘relationships matter’. As the Group evolved since those early days in 2004 when CEO Andrew Mackin founded the business, we have strived hard to maintain high levels of integrity and respect in all our communications and operations. For this to be an authentic mission, we know that this means we must strongly uphold several other key attributes also, such as honesty, reliability, consistency, empathy, effort, and humour! We try very hard to hold ourselves accountable to these standards every day across the entire Mackin Group. This has ultimately led to a high quality of service being extended to our clients, and an engaged and high-performing workforce. Ensuring that we uphold our ‘relationships matter’ central value means that we continuously offer top notch experiences to a broad range of stakeholders and contacts that interact with us; be they clients, customers, candidates, employees, participants, suppliers, and others.

Our vision is for this value to be our North Star, always, as the Group goes from strength to strength within our current portfolio and as we extend it into other markets and regions.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Mackin our social impact within the communities in which we work is integral to what we do. Our corporate responsibility to “give back” to those communities is a top priority.
There are three areas that Mackin concentrates on:


Charitable Donations and Fundraising
Every charity works hard to make a difference in their chosen mission. Charities are always in need of donations, both monetary and physical goods, to keep their doors open. Mackin participates on several levels by donating needed supplies, making annual monetary donations, as well as hosting various fundraising events.


Volunteer Hours and Event Sponsorships
As a global company, Mackin goes above and beyond to try and not only hire local talent, but to also help give back to the many communities in which our employees live and work. We support several events each year in those communities and have a dedicated budget to ensure this participation.
We also provide our employees 8 paid hours a year that they can use to volunteer with a community non-profit organization of their choice.


Protecting Natural Resources and Reduce Environmental Footprint
We have focused our environmental sustainability efforts on the reduction of the use of paper throughout our organisation. The areas in which we can make the largest impact are in recycling of packaging and solid waste, and also through the use of cloud storage in retaining corporate documents that would normally be printed and filed.

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Rebel Wheelers

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